Interior in lounge
Interior in restaurant
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The interior at Danebu Kongsgaard

Since the beginning of 2020, Danebu Kongsgaard has been through a major development and now appears as a cozy boutique hotel with a personal touch and unique style and atmosphere. Throughout this development, it has been very important to take care of both history and the "soul" of the place, while simultaneously meeting today's demands for aesthetics and comfort.

the Interior Designer

The beautiful interior at Danebu Kongsgaard has been designed by the skilled interior designer, Christine Fikseaunet. She has created a cozy atmosphere so that the hotel feels like an extension of your own cabin.

Interior Designer Christine F Interiørdesign
Ski lift in reception

A perfect place to relax and recharge

At Danebu Kongsgaard, you feel that your shoulders are loosing tension. The silence, the colors and the air gives peace to think the deep thoughts and have the good conversations. You enjoy not only delicious food specialties based on local ingredients, you also enjoy the surroundings around you. Your senses awaken and your batteries recharge.

Peisestua - fireplace lounge

The fireplace lounge is our favorite room. It is a place where you want spend your time. The shoulders loose tension the moment you are greeted by the warm and inviting atmosphere in this room. The fireplace and candles are lit and the background music is pleasant. You enjoy the good conversations perhaps over something good to drink and eat.