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From mountain lodge to boutique hotel

Danebu Kongsgaard is beautifully located at the top of Aurdalsåsen, approx. 170 km from Oslo, 1000 m.a.s.l. in the heart of Valdres. The hotel has a magnificent view of the Hemsedal mountains, the Vang mountains and Jotunheimen. The place has a unique history and was originally built as a gift from Norway to Denmark as thanks for the help during WW2.


Danebu Kongsgaard was originally a gift from Norway to Denmark as a thank you for their help after the war. The initiator was the then editor of a large newspaper, P. Chr. Andersen, who put forward the idea of a fundraiser for this purpose right after second World War. The Ski Association took the idea further through its chairman Lauritz Schmidt's initiative and started a nationwide fundraising campaign on Denmarks constitution day. This was a great success with thousands of small and large contribution.

Danebu Kongsgaard is planned

As early as August 1945, the Ski Association was able to present the deed of gift to the so-called "Danskehytten" (or "Danish Cottage") to the Danish Sports Association. It was architect H. Astrup who together with Colonel Bloch-Hansen found a magnificent plot with a great view on top of Aurdalsåsen in Valdres. After an architectural competition that was won by Esben Poulsson with his drawing of "Kongsgaarden" (King farm), Danebu was built in the years 1947-50. Danebu Kongsgaard could finally open the doors to guests on December 16, 1950.

Danebu Kongsgaard is built

Over the years, Danebu has of course hosted Danish holidaymakers, but it has also been a place for training for many famous Norwegian sports stars such as Wirkola, Grini, Tomtun and Jensen, and ice skating stars like "the big five". Later on, many alpine groups have chosen Danebu as their training destination.

Danebu has also been a meeting point for cabin guests in Aurdalsåsen and a popular place to celebrate weddings and other anniversaries.

For a long time, however, the hotel appeared out-of-date and worn, and there was a great need for improvement and renovations.

Old image of guests cross country skiing

From mountain lodge to boutique hotel

During the last few years from 2020, Danebu Kongsgaard has been through a major development and is now classified as a cozy Boutique hotel, which often characterizes a bit smaller, modern hotels with a personal touch and unique style and atmosphere. This type hotels focus on offering their guests a very special experience because interior, design, service and food have that something extra.

Cozy bedroom

Through support from Innovation Norway, Danebu Kongsgaard launched a completely new visual identity in 2019/2020 with a new concept, design profile and values. (Read more below). The hotel has been through 3 rounds of upgrades to date. There has been invested in a completely new and modern kitchen, new entrance area and reception, and a major upgrade of all rooms and common areas. Interior designer Christine Fikseaunet has designed the interior and created a cozy and inviting atmosphere. She has managed to take care of both the history and the "soul" of the place through the interior upgrade, while simultaeneously ensuring that the place meet today's demands for aesthetics and comfort. The design was highlighted in Interiørmagasinet autumn 2021 and in the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review of 2022 (The Oscar's of interior design).

Danebu Kongsgaard from the front

Danebu Panorama

The Sandvik family has operated the hotel since 2011, and in 2020, Sverre Monsen Sejersted, joined the ownership team. The same year, a regulatory process for the property in the Danebu Panorama project started. Danebu Panorama are new apartments, duplex cabins and cabins associated with Danebu Kongsgaard. Danebu Panorama will provide capital for the development of the hotel, but also create a foundation to build "Destination Danebu" with, among other things, the possibility of letting, development of activities and service offerings.