Slopes in morning sun
Skis outside Danebu Kongsgaard
Closeup of slopes

First and last image from Aurdal Kruk Løypelag

Cross country skiing around Danebu Kongsgaard

There are great cross-country trails around Danebu Kongsgaard. Suitable for all ages, speeds and levels. The cross-country routes have different lengths, gradients and natural surroundings. You will always find something that suits you perfectly each day. Put on your skis right outside the door and have a skiing experience in the beautiful nature.

At Aurdalsåsen, there is a skilled piste team that prepares the slopes. They work hard to ensure that everyone can enjoy the ski slopes in the area. Please feel free to give them a small contribution to vipps no. 81241.

Slope map can be purchased in the reception at Danebu Kongsgaard.