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the Rakfisk Festival 2022

Welcome to the Rakfisk Festival 2022, 3rd to 5th November 2022.

Finally, it is time for this year's rakfisk festival - the highlight of this year. The festival offers delicious rakfisk and other local food, good drinks, musical experiences and lots of fun memories. If you like food, people and a good atmosphere, this is the perfect festival for you.

"On the first weekend in November every year, Fagernes is somewhat turned "upside down". The festival, which has become an annual tradition for many, influences the whole of Valdres. The festival has become known throughout Norway as a festival that promotes Norwegian food culture, especially fermented fish from Valdres. Taste, smell and buy the year's best Rakfisk from producers with long and proud traditions. In the evening, we spice up the event with concerts in our big tent in Fagernesparken."
- Norsk Rakfiskfestival

Rakfisken at Danebu Kongsgaard

Top off the entire rakfisk experience with accommodation and/or dinner at Danebu Kongsgaard. Here you can find peace before and/or after memorable days in Fagernes.


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