Interiørdesign på konferansebad
Danebu Kongsgaard fra forsiden
Interiørdesign i Restauranten

Reviews of the interior at Danebu Kongsgaard

During the past year, we have received repeated recognition of our interior both nationally in "Interiørmagasinet" (a large interior magazine in Norway) in autumn 2021 and internationally in the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review vol. 26 in 2022.
- a great achievement!

On 10th September 2021, the autumn edition of the interior magazine went on sale in stores around Norway. We had been looking forward to this for a long time! Here we received a 16-page article about us, what we are working towards and our beautiful new interior.

In October 2022, Andrew Martin Interior Design Review vol. 26 arrived. This is a book that features the 100 best interior designers in the world. The Times Magazine calls the book "the Bible of Interior Design". Others call it the interior designers' Oscars. Our interior designer, Christine F. Interiørdesign, was selected as one of the world's 100 best with photos from Danebu Kongsgaard and her own home.

This was celebrated in Christine's office at Fossum on 27th October with many great guests. There were speeches from Christine herself, the photographer who took the pictures, Cecilie Refsum (Studio C_Indoor), and from us at Danebu Kongsgaard.
For serving, we brought wonderful products from Valdres such as Mugnetind and goat butter from Olestølen Mikroysteri, the cheeses Syndin, Bufar and Bukono from Wangensten, cured ham from Rein Valdresmat, spiced salami from Reboli, flat bread from Valdres Bakst and three types of "kurv" from Moahaugen Gård. As a side, we had 4 types of jellies from Hemlaga på Nes. For drinks we selected 3 wines from our own wine list and lovely apple juice from Hemlaga on Nes.
It was an incredible celebration!
Many thanks to everyone who joined and celebrated with us.

The book can be bought from most booksellers and our guests can also take a look at the 3 books located at Kongsgaarden.

It is a great honor to receive such reviews and features! We will soon take pictures of our latest upgrades which were completed in June 2022: new main entrance, reception and breakfast room, in addition to an upgrade of the restaurant and conference room.

We are very much looking forward to the continuation and would like to thank Christine F. Interiørdesign for an exceptional collaboration throughout.