Danebu Kongsgaard

Danebu Kongsgaard is Eco-Lighthouse certified!

HURRAY! We are Eco-Lighthouse certified! Now we have the visible proof that we are taking our share of the responsibility and taking concrete sustainability measures.

Eco-Lighthouse is a recognized and effective tool for certification and environmental management, and Norway's most used certificate for businesses that want to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility. Eco-lighthouse certification makes green transition effective and concrete. In particular, ethics, responsibility, sustainability and profitability are important areas in eco-lighthouses.

Although we are now certified, we are not finsihed with the work. We have laid the foundations so that we can continue to work systematically over the next few years. The certification scheme makes it easier to plan, change, measure and improve activities in the company, as well as giving us smart tools to work concretely with sustainability in areas such as the working environment, waste management, energy use, procurement and transport. In this way, we can work comprehensively, systematically and long-term with measures that will improve our environmental performance, reduce greenhouse gas emissions - and contribute to a green future. We are also given good conditions to help achieve several of the UN's sustainability goals.

Danebu Kongsgaard er miljøfyrtårnsertifisert
Danebu Kongsgaard is Eco Lighthouse certified