New interior in breakfast room
Danebu Kongsgaard with new main entrance
New corner in Peisestua

Development at Danebu Kongsgaard

2018 til nå

Danebu Kongsgaard was unprofitable for many years. To make if profitable, there was a need for greater development and differentiation. In 2019, the zoning plan for Danebu Panorama was initiated and this provided the basis for being able to invest in and develop Danebu Kongsgaard.

There was a need for a new design profile, upgrading services and offers, and renovation of the interior. At the same time, it was important to differentiate ourselves from and become a supplement to the existing offers in Valdres and on Aurdalsåsen.

As many have noticed, a lot has happened at Kongsgaarden in the past two years. We have a new design profile, and have refurbished and upgraded the restaurant, the fireplace lounge, the conference room and all the bedrooms. We have built a new, modern 120m2 kitchen and a new main entrance. In addition, we have created a library, gallery, TV room, reception and breakfast room. Food and drink menus have been upgraded, and the hotel has truly become a place to "relax and recharge". We have become the complementary offer that covers a need that was previously unmet.

Since the beginning of July 2022, we have also become certified as an eco-lighthouse. We are constantly working to become even more sustainable. Reduction of wastage is currently the major focus.

Status now and the future

n recent years and the next, external challenges are lined up in queue. Tourism is strongly affected and so are our suppliers.

For us, it is nevertheless important to highlight the fact that challenges also create opportunities. As we see it, the biggest opportunities lie in: even more and closer cooperation with partners, clearer differentiation and positioning, added value for our guests, sustainability, development of existing and new offers.
We will work on all of this going forward. We have several exciting projects underway and others that will start shortly. Among other things, there are projects in activities, cabin service, food, drink and availability of offers. Stay tuned.

It is also important to think sustainable development throughout. By that we mean that all our decisions and developments must simultaneously be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Stay tuned - the future is exciting