Interior in Kongsgaard Restauranten
Cozy atmosphere in Kongsgaard Restauranten
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Kongsgaard Restauranten

In the Kongsgaard restaurant, we serve a wonderful 3-course dinner, which changes every day.

A varied menu allows us to focus even more on exciting flavors and menus, good drink packages, local, short-travel and seasonal ingredients of high quality from good producers around us. This provides a good dining experience for you as a guest. A bonus that is particularly important to us as an eco-lighthouse company is that this flexibility also results in significantly reduced food waste.

Today's menu depends on what ingredients we can get hold of that day. Therefore, the menus are not published here.

Price for the 3-course is 749,- per person.

We recommend reserving a table so that we can plan your experience as best as possible.
It would be greatly appreciated to recieve an overview of potential allergies, intolerances, special diets etc. as early as possble so that we can adapt your menu.

Currently, Kongsgaard Restaurant has limited opening hours.